Wikipedia, The untrustworthy encyclopedia

Wikipedia is an open group-edited pseudo "encyclopedia". The idea of an open and live encyclopedia was a good idea, but sadly, people with strong points of view coupled with an readily open access to edit this online resource try/insist on injecting their biased opinions and point of views into articles of interest to them. Some so brazenly edit historical religious and conflict-subject articles to the point of rendering them useless. They use their own biased and untrustworthy references while purposeful emit those with facts that conflict with their point of view rendering those articles untrustworthy. A lot (if not most) people get their basic information quickly from this (now) massive easily accessible online resource. This open idea of an encyclopedia is verging on becoming the most dangerous information resource online. The main reason some editors get away with injecting their point of views while controlling those with conflicting views happens due to the way the website and editorial review which is based on a hierarchal model where by those with more power (usually voted in by their peers who usually have same or similar bias) control the editing of new editors and old editors who do not have the same editorial powers. This actually lead to countries and governments hiring people full time to try and infiltrate this very important website in order to propagate their interests and points of view in various matters, the most notorious of which is the state of Israel and their various advocacy groups, as proved with the case shown below. Other governments without a doubt have agents working inside this online encyclopedia rendering most information in it suspect. This web site will try to expose this encyclopedia and will soon offer an open forum to discuss (without censure everything that goes on the website and how to change it to the better or expose it for the false information that it promotes.)

Here are some important investigative reports:

A pro-Israel group's plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia

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